Jesper Gojal Krogsgaard me

Hi, I'm Jesper, an adventurous lad from Denmark with an... unconventional sense of humour. I have a problem-solving, hyper-adaptive and imaginative mind, which might be why I usually work in the role of qa/engineering manager, developer, cloud-engineer or software architect.
I have lived and worked in Denmark, Spain, Poland, Fiji, New Zealand, UK, France, Malta and am likely not done moving my longboat around. "Xanares" was my first AD&D roleplaying character. I love History, Sci-fi and Space, Middle Earth, art and primarily RP/strategy games.

Stuff I'm doing at the moment
  • QA leader in Streaming/Software and gaming event maker at TV 2 Denmark
  • Re-started arranging weekly game development meetups every Tuesday 1600-2300 in Odense, Denmark (Vestre skole)
  • Created a new timeline for Neal Asher's Polity Universe, mapping his books to it here:
  • Just created showing Gina Carano's career in MMA, TV shows, games and movies. Tried to keep it as simple and clean as possible.
  • Created an IRC-style chat (check it out here)
  • Designing and developing a 2D slow-RTS/strategy game in Unity where you play the slightly bloody but delightfully chaotic role of an Orc Warboss
Other recent stuff
Me elsewhere on the interwebs
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6th February 2018

Falcon Heavy's maiden launch from Cape Canaveral.

The twin-landing of the side-boosters.

Mars awaits!

base-animation by Simone Bernabè