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Hi, I'm Jesper Gojal Krogsgaard, an independent developer who makes games and some web work on the side.

Xanares is my company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It's also, usually, my alt. online name.

Recent stuff I did
  • Went to Mediterranean Game Jam in Valletta, Malta. Made a co-op card game with Zowi, Jana and Rami.
  • Went to Exile game jam (spring 2015) and created a small game together with an awesome group of people. Play it here.
  • Created a couple of maps for for Cities: Skylines on Steam: Tropical map (San Xanares) & Copenhagen map
  • Introductory Let's Play Dwarf Fortress videos on Youtube
  • Website and Kickstarter assistance for Bake On
  • Website for Arctic Friend
  • Website for Betdog
Find me on elsewhere on the interwebs
Facebook · Twitter · Youtube · LinkedIn · Kickstarter · Mobygames · Visualise.me
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