Jesper Gojal Krogsgaard me

Hi, I'm Jesper Gojal Krogsgaard, an independent system architect & developer, father and husband.
I have lived in Denmark, Spain, Poland, Fiji, New Zealand, UK, France, Malta and am probably not done moving my tent around.
Xanares is my online/game name since AD&D in the 80s, and was my freelance company name for seven years.
Now my company is Dream Hub Studios.

Stuff I'm doing at the moment
  • Reading 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson
  • Reading Daring Greatly by BrenĂ© Brown
  • Reading the Drizzt Do'Urden series by R. A. Salvatore (18 books in)
  • Loving being a dad and husband
  • Working on a bizarre, humour-laden (hopefully) sci-fi game with a good friend (in java libgdx)
  • Working on a slow-rts strategy game (in Unity)
  • Learning Spanish
Stuff I did prior to this very moment
Me elsewhere on the interwebs
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