game & system developer me

Hi, I'm Jesper Gojal Krogsgaard, an independent game and system developer, father and husband.

We have lived in Denmark, Poland, Fiji, New Zealand, UK/London, France/Paris, Malta and are probably not done moving around.

Xanares is my online/game name since AD&D in the 80s, and was my freelance company name for seven years.

Recent stuff I did
  • Started working on a new game with a good friend. Sci-fi, bizarre, humour.
  • Went to POGO III - a one day event arranged by the Player of Games group. Fantastic time.
  • Went to A MAZE in Berlin
  • Went to Mediterranean Game Jam in Valletta, Malta. Made a co-op card game called To The Surface with Zowi, Jana and Rami
  • Went to Exile game jam (spring 2015) at Vallekilde and created a small game together with an awesome group of people. Play it here
  • Created a couple of maps for for Cities: Skylines on Steam: Tropical map (San Xanares) & Copenhagen map
  • Introductory Let's Play Dwarf Fortress videos on Youtube
  • Website and Kickstarter assistance for Bake On
Me elsewhere on the interwebs
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